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22 May 2017 @ 02:56 pm

Friends Only

Want to be friends? Comment and add me and I'll most likely add you back. :D But keep in mind....

If you want to be added:
1. You should have at least some of the same interests as me...check out my user info for my interests and obsessions.
2. Comment at least sometimes. I comment on my friends journals, so it's kinda nice to get comments too.
3. Add me first

---->Please note: I don't really ever read fanfic so if your journal is primarily your writing journal I most likely won't be reading any of the fics. Thanks!
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13 October 2010 @ 09:25 am
I know it seems a bit harsh for me to do a friends cut after I've been away from LJ for so long, but as I come back I realize that many of us have grown apart. We perhaps have moved on from the fandoms that brought us close in the first place. Now we skim past each others' posts, trying to be interested but can't even think of what to comment. Some people don't post much anymore now that there's facebook and twitter and other more popular than LJ things. So, yeah, no offense to anyone I cut. You are still all lovely people and I wish you all the best ♥ And now you don't have to feel guilty for removing me since I've been such a crappy LJ friend these past several months :) Love to you all.
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04 October 2005 @ 07:54 pm
I just saw The Corpse Bride.

Which means, more importantly, I saw the full-length GoF trailer.

I am probably going to see this movie only once in the theatre. And not for the reason I only saw PoA once, which is, I thought it sucked. Nope, it's because I hate crying in front of people and I am going to seriously lose my shit when Cedric dies. Let me explain...

Okay, I take my fandoms seriously. Too seriously, in the minds of most people. Why do I love fictional characters so much? Well, fictional characters are true in that you know them through and through. I mean, we don't know what's going to happen in book 7 of HP, but for the most part, we know the characters in HP, LotR, and CoN. Real life people that you love can (and do) turn and stab you in the back. I've had this happen too many times, and I don't trust anyone anymore. I can't. But fictional characters don't do that. Samwise Gamgee will forever be faithful and loyal. And Cedric Diggory is dearer to me than most people I know. So although it sounds stupid, watching Cedric die will be like watching someone I love die onscreen. Excluding about two or three people I know in RL of course. This is the result of my being F'd up in the head, but it's true. I can't even bear to reread that part of the GoF book. I will be stabbed in the heart.

I might have to conveniently "go to the restroom" during that part.

In other trailer discussion, Harry's hair is BAD. Emma Watson looks less like Hermione than ever before. Ron's hair is also BAD. Madame Maxine is supposed to be FAT. And not a man. Fleur is supposed to have LONG FLOWING BLONDE HAIR. And she's not supposed to look older than my mom. The dragon part was cool. OMG WTF SIRIUS. Dumbledore obviously failed French. Why are all the Beauxbatons students GIRLS? Um, I guess that's all. It went by really fast.
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16 July 2005 @ 07:13 pm
Last night= awesome midnight HP party!! I don't have time right now to post the pictures and everything, but I went with violently_pink and we had a blast. When I got my copy I read the last three pages and I know who dies *zips lips*. No, I'm not crazy; Cedric's death in GoF broke my heart. I looked ahead in OotP and had time to adjust before the death occured. I'm not going to say anything about this death because normal people like you guys hate spoilers ;) Anyway, I can't even start reading HBP for a while because...

I got my first freelance accounting job! I have to take all the financial data for these people's business and personal accounts and prepare them for the tax accountant. I have one week to do it in. And I've never done this before so...I'm freaking out trying to make sure I'm doing everything correctly. This is besides my 7 days a week at the rink!!! After that I have to read HBP. Soooooooooooooooooo.....


I'm really stressed with this accounting business, so I probably won't be checking in until I have that finished. I hope everyone had fun on Harry Potter day and I love you all.


_sweetangel...you are the sweetest, most wonderful, dearest sister-twin I could ever hope to have. I can't tell you how happy your gift made me, and how perfect a gift it was!!!! I love you, dearest!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥

aldaelendil...I've reimported all my cds to the computer, and I haven't forgotten about you!!! I'll upload some stuff when I'm back from hiatus. LJ is my crack so I doubt I'll be away for too long :P
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03 July 2005 @ 06:54 pm
Music for aldaelendil...and everyone else!!

These are all the mp3s I have...sorry...Collapse )
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22 June 2005 @ 11:04 am
...and I can't read my flist either. I'm getting off the computer now.
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02 January 2005 @ 11:42 am
that New Year's survey...stolen from everyone.Collapse )

So, who owns the LotR wall calendar? I got it for Christmas, and OMG who chose the pictures? Was there some sort of bigwig meeting in which someone said "Yes! Let's put a facial close-up of old possessed!Theoden." Or, "Random soldiers make the fangirls go wild! Let's do it." Geesh. Right now I have the picture of the hobbits which is on the last four months of 2004. May is okay (though I dislike Gollum) and so is December, but most of them are really bad. Not the best quality pictures either, even when the subject is hobbits or Aragorn.
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06 August 2004 @ 01:44 pm
It's cut time!

_blackthesun...because your journal's closed, duh :P
__hobbits...I'm not sure if you've switched journals or just don't post.
_hobbitses...I've got you at wicked__.
ctkelly...you never comment.
dreamingebony...I've got you at sorceressidhren.
emjay_81...you haven't updated/commented in months.
gracefulghost...you've moved to another journal.
libraire...you haven't updated/commented in months.
snaps_for_sugar...you haven't updated/commented in months.
wasted_hope...went to greatestjournal.
zepherina...we don't seem to have much in common anymore.

Please remove me from your flists. Thanks ♥
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18 June 2004 @ 07:14 pm
Here are the people who have been cut. Nothing personal...you just haven't posted/commented in a while and I feel like I don't know you very well. You can always comment if you are on the list and want to stay.

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